by Marissa on April 13, 2011

Yesterday, Justin Bieber announced something that shocked the online world of beliebers. Justin is fed up with many paparazzi he is encountering in Israel. He is upset and stressed out so much that he has decided to take a break from Twitter. JB recently tweeted:

“been super frustrated and just needed some time to vent and chill. i want to see this country and all the places ive dreamed of and whether its the paps or being pulled into politics its been frustrating. im just excited at this pt to get on stage and perform. gonna take a little break from twitter and enjoy this time with my family until then”

Now this was a surprise for the over 8.8 million people following him on Twitter. Though it was a shock to everyone viewing JB’s tweets, most beliebers were okay with Justin’s much needed break saying that he should be able to spend time with his family and not worry about updating his Twitter account. Justin officially took a break from Twitter yesterday with his last tweet being, “patience is a virtue”. Until the day Justin comes back to Twitter, he will be relaxing peacefully in Israel and hopefully getting to see many amazing sites. Then, he’ll be continuing to perform on his official world tour!

As for this site, though Justin may be taking a break from the online world of communication, I CERTAINLY WON’T BE! :) Be sure to check back here for more updates about where Justin is and what he’s up to!


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